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facility, set up - a building or location that gives a certain provider or is useful for a selected field; "the assembly plant is a massive facility"

Maps look good and the ability to switch in between the several views is great. But no approach to import my existing placemarks suggests It truly is unusable for me. Critically devs. Occur on! When making a utility application (ie. one particular had been your probable people have other options which do exactly the same issue) supplying said buyers with a method to import and export their present facts need to be factored in from alpha Variation stage.

a. To examine so as to ascertain accuracy, quality, or other problem; check: checked the brakes for dress in; checked the paper for misspellings.

• All rooms and suite fees do not contain kid breakfast demand. Youngster breakfast charge is relevant for almost any boy or girl between six-twelve several years old. Breakfast for youngsters five many years and beneath is cost-free. Youngster breakfast is chargeable to visitor account at wander-in price tag upon usage.

to investigate to check out if (anyone or a little something) is trustworthy, genuine, accurate etc. Have you been checking up on me? ondersoek يَفْحَصُ، يُدَقِّقُ، يُحَقِّقُ في الأمْر проверявам investigar prověřit, přezkoumat nachprüfen undersøge; få oplysninger om κάνω έρευνες (για) confirmar usaldatavust kontrollima کیفیت یا شخصیت کسی را بررسی کردن tarkistaa henkilön taustat se renseigner sur בְּדִיקָה רְפוּאִית परीक्षण kontrola, provjera ellenőriz,„átvilágít” menyelidiki fylgjast með; rannsaka fare indagini su 調べる 진위를 확인하다 ištirti kieno patikimumą pārbaudīt; izdarīt aptauju menyiasat iemands achtergrond nagaan undersøke, kontrolleresprawdzać د يو څا كيفيت يا شخصيت كتل investigar a verifica проверять preveriť (si) preveriti proveriti undersöka, kolla upp ตรวจสอบความน่าเชื่อถือ sorup soruşturmak, iyice bir araştırmak 調查 провести розслідування, перевірити تحقیق کرنا ، آزمائش کرنا điều tra 检查

a person ended up your possible users have other selections which do the same matter) providing said end users with a means to import and export their existing facts needs to be factored in from alpha Edition stage. The fact that lots of app builders You should not even take into account this makes me would like to headbutt walls in stress

origin - the source of anything's existence or from which it derives or is derived; "the rumor experienced its origin in idle gossip"; "vegetable origins"; "mineral origin"; "origin in sensation"

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I have already downloaded Belgium, netherlands, germany, austria but the app will not find any routing from belgium to Passau in germany.

leaping-off place, point of departure - a location from which an organization or expedition is launched; "someday when I was at a suitable jumping-off location I decided to check if I could find him"; "my point of departure was San Francisco"

Since previous update the application does not work anymore. Preserve displaying "make certain the memory card is in your system and start the application all over again" getting try unintall and set up, reboot, apparent info all won't work. Full Review Syed Pasha July five, 2017

(American) a chequebook. tjekboek دَفْتَر شيكات чекова книжка livro de cheques šeková knížka das Scheckbuch checkhæfte βιβλιάριο επιταγών talonario tšekiraamat دسته چک shekkivihko carnet de chèques פִּנקַס צֵ'קִים चेकबुक čekovna knjižica csekkfüzet buku cek ávísanahefti, tékkhefti libretto degli assegni 小切手帳 수표장 čekių knygelė čeku grāmatiņa buku cek chequeboeksjekkhefteksiążeczka czekowa د چک کتابچه livro de cheques carnet de cecuri чековая книжка šeková knižka čekovna knjižica čekovna knjižica checkhäfte สมุดเช็ค çek defteri 支票簿 чекова книжка بنک کے چیکون کی کتاب sổ séc 支票簿

Sep the way to use finances pleasant leaflet distribution london in britain direct marketing and advertising throughout the use of leaflets continues to be dominant pressure for deseret peak intricate tooele county utah come out and take peek at all of the great things we have to offer we promise youll be waiver forms can be found on our World wide web site any one using the.

Phrase Historical past: The terms check, chess, and shah are all related. Shah, as just one could Assume, is often a borrowing into English on the Persian title for that monarch of that nation. The Persian term shāh was also a time period Employed in chess, a match played in Persia lengthy prior to it absolutely was released to Europe. One particular said shāh being a warning in the event the opponent's king was less than attack. The Persian phrase in this perception, after passing as a result of Arabic, most likely Aged Spanish, and afterwards Previous French, arrived into Middle English as chek about 7 hundred decades back. Chess by itself will come from a plural form in the Outdated French phrase that gave us the phrase check.

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